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USMLE Step 1 Basics: Format & Content Breakdown - Medical School HQ

Understand that Step 1 is one of the biggest factors in your residency application. A solid foundation of core science knowledge will allow you to get the most out of your Qbank studying at the end of your second year. So build good study habits from day one. Build a solid foundation with your classes. There is a reason The Tortoise and the Hare is an everlasting fable in our society. There is an optional minute tutorial period at the beginning of the exam.

If you choose to skip the tutorial you can add the 15 minutes to your total break time. Be Prepared : During the test, you are only allowed to bring soft foam earplugs into the examination room. Nothing else is allowed — no bags, electronics, phones, or even jackets are allowed. Be sure to check with the exam monitor prior to entering the test room for complete details. Tests are administered by appointment year round.

USMLE Step 1

Interdisciplinary topics covered include genetics, aging, nutrition, immunology, molecular and cell biology, epidemiology, and medical ethics. Some questions test your understanding of basic facts and definitions. But the majority deal with your ability to solve problems using basic scientific principles. Naishadh Shah.

Comprehensive Coverage

Sahar Eftekar. Behavioral Sciences Lecturer.

Biostatistics SUMMARY STEP 1 - The Basics USMLE

Shawn Nash. Laura Favazza.

USMLE Bulletin of Information

Max Ghalambor. Shawn Silver.

Read More. Score Higher With Us. Or Learn More Step 1 Online Review. Step 2 CK Online Review. Live Review.

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