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Mother of 'disturbed' Ottawa gunman 'sorry' for attack.

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We will never be intimidated, says Canada's PM. In one incident, he was arrested near the Masjid Al Salaam religious centre in Burnaby after making violent threats to a business owner. He is believed to have called the police and demanded to be arrested on an outstanding warrant in Quebec that did not exist because he wanted to be housed in police cells.

Upon being told that police could not respond to a crime that had not been committed, Mr Zehaf-Bibeau made threats to an unknown person in a bid to be picked up by police. He was remanded in a bail hearing and kept in custody for 66 days, during which time he underwent at least one psychiatric test that deemed him fit enough enter a guilty plea for uttering threats, according to court documents. For Zehaf-Bibeau, who had been sleeping at times in the mosque, it was a far cry from his youth in the affluent Montreal neighbourhood of Laval.

Court records showed show that he had a long rap sheet, with a string of convictions for assault, robbery, drug and weapons offences, and other crimes. She said the lunch she had him last week was the first time that they had met for in five years.

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In a statement issued on behalf of her and husband, Bulgasem Zehaf, she said that she was crying for those her son had hurt to terribly, not for his death. We are both crying for them. We also wish to apologise for all the pain, fright and chaos he created. We have no explanation to offer. Ms Bibeau has spent her life working to help refugees and immigrants integrate into Canada, a country that long prided itself on its open multi-cultural society.


She has spent nearly 25 years working at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, rising to the rank of department director general. She did not explain why she had not seen her son for so long, although he is believed to have been living in western Canada for at least three years.

He also spent time in Libya in during the uprising that overthrew Col Muammar Gaddhafi, quite possibly at the same time as his father. Zehaf-Bibeau told Mr Bathurst that he wanted to return to the Middle East when the two men saw each other for the last time at the Burnaby mosque six weeks ago.

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He insisted that his motive was simply his desire to study Islam and learn Arabic, familiar claims made by extremists to provide cover for their travels. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Share This eBook:. Add to Wishlist.

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