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Effect is usually a noun: Chester was sorry for the effect his humming had. Amongst is more common in British English.

Dictionary of Confusable Words

Neither version is wrong, but amongst may seem fussy to American readers. Between expresses the relationship of one thing to another thing or to many other things: Posey spent all day carrying messages between Chester and the other students.

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Ensure means to guarantee or make sure of something: Posey took steps to ensure that no one cheated at Bingo. Insure means to take out an insurance policy: Posey was glad the Bingo hall was insured against damage caused by rowdy Bingo players. Capitol means the building where a legislature meets: Posey visited the cafe in the basement of the capitol after watching a bill become a law.

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A compliment is a nice thing to say: Posey received many compliments on her purple fedora. Defence is found mainly in British English. These two Latin abbreviations are often mixed up, but e. A sympathizer is someone who agrees with a particular ideal or cause.

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Further refers to metaphorical distance: Chester is further away from finishing his project than Posey is. Flout means to defy, especially in a way that shows scorn: Posey flouted the business-casual dress code by wearing a tiara and flip-flops.

A gaffe is a faux pas or social misstep: Posey made a gaffe when she accidentally called Chester by the wrong name. Grey is the standard British English spelling.

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Historical means related to history: Posey donned a historical bonnet for the renaissance fair. One way to remember this is that there is an a in both to lay and to place : Posey will lay out her outfit before she goes to bed.

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To lie means to recline. One way to remember this is that there is an e in both to lie and to recline : Chester will lie down for a nap. Be careful, though. The past tense of to lay is laid : Posey laid out her outfit. The past tense of to lie is lay : Chester lay down for a nap over an hour ago. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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