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I can just imagine Catherine Moreland clapping her hands with glee at the thought! Really, though. Can you imagine writing an entire novel with a quill? That seems like a recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe THAT is why we only got six novels. This book is Jane Austen repackaged in a fun, modern light. With zombies. But the Bennet sisters are total badasses! Even if that something is extermination of the undead.

And Colonel Brandon has a squid face.

oops... looks like is on vacation

Purists probably hate this one as well, but I implore you, my bookworms, to give it a shot. Such fun! Alright, Bookworms, I know there are oodles more Jane Austen offshoots out there.

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Anybody have a favorite? I will use it to purchase shoe roses and tea cups, obviously. Winter is no longer just coming. Winter is HERE. Why the heck not, right? It snows.

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Best get your woolen cloaks out before you freeze. Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah- Ooooh this book. Check this one out! Funny things happen when I make up my own rules. Only, she was actually evil, so Elsa definitely wins on that score. Edmund was a complete jerk face to betray his family for such a lame sweet.

Morgan Harris

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton- Who wants to go sledding?! Hahahahaha, just kidding. But really.

This book is supremely wintry, and you may never look at sledding the same way again. Any recommendations for wintry reads? I know, I just went there. They may or may not have anything at all to do with the animals mentioned, but you know how much I like listing.

Truly, of her non-dystopian work, this probably tops my list. Who could ask for anything more? Actually, there are quite a few animals in this novel, seeing as it focuses on an almost-veterinarian working in a circus. An elephant who likes to drink is a winner in my book. A good book with a fascinating protagonist. And really not about wolves, except maybe metaphorically.

Who cares, though? Just another reason Emma Donoghue is the coolest. What a C-Pap mask is, and the side effects of an enlarged prostate. Neither of these have anything to do with the story, of course, though that was plenty interesting too.

The Political Wild Card - The New York Times

Read this real-life novel and you might re-think that. Canada is too cold for that sort of thing. Lots of interesting discussion of fish grease though. Animals that talk and do offensive things using offensive language. It is, in a word, glorious. Help me fill in the blanks, here! Because why the heck not? Well, not a literal bird anyway. And aliens. Ravens are the cool birds in Westeros, what with their message carrying and all, but crows like to hang out and pick at carrion, too. Silly, silly bookworms! When he was 3. And unable to read.

I like Christmas. I like books with birds in the title. Wild Swans by Jung Chang- Swans again? Heck yes! Subtle distinction. What are your favorite books with birds in the title, Bookworms? Tuppence a bag, you say? Jo and Kezzie, FTW! Those two are simply the best. The provided me with many a laugh and many a tear. Ton tongue toffee? Puking pastilles? No wonder Cath had a rough go of it…. Sound off! Stranger things have happened, right? Interesting to think about just what makes a human human. By the time I have the money saved up, they might exist.

Category: Idiosyncratic Lit List. I like to leave a couple of years between re-reads so they feel fresh again, and I never fail to notice something new. They are truly magical. I went through my first full re-read last year actually it was a re-listen. I hope the rest of your day goes well.

Perfect Romance Audiobook The 21 Wall Street Series,Book 2

I'm watching you dance in Japan as I type! Cute Doggie. Whew, I was getting worried there for a second. Japan sounds, well, amazing : This blog made me feel like I was there for a moment Im still trying to figure out what that blue orb-looking thing is! So random. Takoyaki is definitely, definitely amazzzzing.

Hi From US! Wow, immi live and on the journey of a lifetime! Great food fun indeed!

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  • I'm a new reader to your blog and just love it so! I'm actually currently in Japan studying abroad I screamed out in agreement when you talked about the Okonomiyaki!