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Download the data for yourself for each race, county by county and state by state. Published: 13 Jul Published: 31 May Ana Marie Cox column Republican primary season wrapping up with weird. Published: PM. Published: AM. Rick Santorum was undone by his flaws, but exposed some of Romney's James Antle.

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Rick Santorum speaks of his daughter's medical condition. Rick Santorum: campaign in quotes. The mainstream media breathlessly reported "Romney won by 8 votes over Santorum! And Ron Paul placed a respectable third! The mainstream media reported on the popular vote -- the number of actual people voting for each candidate. But the real result is the delegate count.

Democrats Seek to Keep Ohio a Battleground - WSJ

It's the same as the electoral college vs. Candidates win the presidential nomination by accumulating a majority of delegates, who vote at a convention. In , the Democratic nomination is uncontested -- hence Barack Obama will be nominated, regardless of what happens in the Democratic primaries, at the Democratic Convention in Charotte, NC, on Sept.

Even a cursory glance at… Charlie Cook February 6, National Politics The "Trap" of a U. National Politics The Numbers to Watch Ahead of November There seems little point in spending a lot of time trying to assess the political implications of what turned out to be a relatively brief government shutdown. The initial reading of the deal is that… Charlie Cook January 26, National Politics The Wave vs.

Many in the… Charlie Cook January 12, Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore—Tuesday marks the 17th anniversary of its announcement—have we had a December as politically momentous as the one shaping up this year. Which… Charlie Cook December 15, The big question is whether the… Charlie Cook December 8, National Politics The Voices of Trump Supporters As much as I like to pore over polling data, focus groups offer color and texture that are missing from numbers on a page.

Veteran pollster Peter Hart is a master at conducting focus groups. Having failed to repeal and replace Obamacare and made little if any progress on either a border wall or a… Charlie Cook December 1, While it is doubtful that anyone has… Charlie Cook November 27, Having lived, gone to college, and worked in Washington for 45 years, I thought I had seen pretty much everything.

Top 10 GOP Presidential Primary Ads - 2012

National Politics Business Endures a Love-Hate Relationship With Trump Talking with the head lobbyist of a large corporation the other day, it occurred to me how ambivalent big business feels toward President Trump and his administration. For many in the corporate… Charlie Cook October 20, The seventh from the last word in our Pledge of… Charlie Cook October 17, First came a widely publicized war of words between… Charlie Cook October 13, National Politics The Fantasyland of Tax Reform The baffling assumption in Washington and in the markets these days is the persistent optimism that major tax reform or a big tax cut will be enacted this year or next.

Why should anyone think this… Charlie Cook October 6, Given that… Charlie Cook September 26, Ten Democratic incumbents are up in states carried by Donald Trump last year, five in states that Trump won by 19 points or… Charlie Cook September 19, It seems that the… Charlie Cook September 15, National Politics Lessons From an Ineffective President If you wanted to offer a graduate-school class in how not to be an effective president of the United States, Donald Trump could write the textbook and teach the course. The first lesson would be to… Charlie Cook September 8, In political handicapping you often have to reconcile a conflict between macro and micro dynamics.

The macro, or big-picture factors, focus on the sitting president, with his popularity highly… Charlie Cook August 18, One of the more interesting political questions these days is whether Gen. John Kelly can bring some semblance of order to the Trump White House. IF anyone can transform the most disorganized and… Charlie Cook August 11, Even factoring in shades of liberal, moderate,… Charlie Cook August 1, Moderates… Charlie Cook July 21, National Politics Trump Erodes U.

There is a… Charlie Cook June 13, National Politics Time for a Special Prosecutor This story was originally published on nationaljournal. Wild pen… Charlie Cook December 27, In keeping… Charlie Cook December 16, Louisiana Senate Test Article 4 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sed est nec dui pharetra commodo. Proin consequat, nisl sed tempus hendrerit, metus purus tristique enim, facilisis pulvinar purus… Charlie Cook December 14, National Politics Uphill Climb for Democrats in This story was originally published on nationaljournal. On one level, in terms of strategy… Charlie Cook September 16, Many observers… Charlie Cook August 15, With the current split of 54… Charlie Cook July 5, The range of emotions for most Republicans I know—from present and former members of Congress, to Hill staff, to… Charlie Cook June 21, It is all too predictable.

A tragic event occurs, and it appropriately dominates broadcast and cable news, talk radio,… Charlie Cook June 17, Two of the most pressing questions in American politics right now are whether and how Bernie Sanders will make things… Charlie Cook June 10, As a general rule, partisans stick together.

Hardly anyone predicted a Trump-Clinton presidential matchup. Even more surprising, the race is fundamentally tied right… Charlie Cook May 27, National Politics Anti-Trump vs.

Primary Columns : The 2012 GOP Presidential Campaign

Anti-Clinton Voters This story was originally published on nationaljournal. Now that we know what the general-election matchups will be, a couple of thoughts are in order. First, while I give… Charlie Cook May 24, Now that the presidential nominations are set for each side, pollsters are busy surveying states and, with their… Charlie Cook May 10, A lot of Republicans are walking around in a daze these days, trying to figure out the implications of Donald Trump… Charlie Cook May 6, The thing that I never thought would happen is really happening.

The GOP This story was originally published on nationaljournal. The first bit of… Charlie Cook April 29, National Politics A True Right vs.

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Left Choice Looms This story was originally published on nationaljournal. Trump had a great night.

While I am still quite sure that Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee; unlike in the Iowa Caucus, he did turn in an impressive performance and… Charlie Cook February 10, It also reminds us that we could very well have… Charlie Cook November 24, Governors Overview As Kentucky Goes… Just a week ago, before the off-year elections, Democratic strategists were feeling bullish about their prospects in the South.

National Politics In Search of the Anti-Politician You can look at polls and read news accounts all day long, but the frustration, despair—and, in some cases, rage—among a multitude of Republican voters can be lost in the numbers. Better to let them… Charlie Cook November 3, National Politics The Two Faces of the GOP Defying the predictions of just about everyone who watches politics even remotely, the two nontraditional Republican presidential contenders remain at the top of just-released opinion polls.

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Public… Charlie Cook October 27, National Politics Experience? An opinion poll conducted nationwide by the Pew… Charlie Cook October 13, In… Charlie Cook September 22, If one party is worried or pessimistic, the other party is usually hopeful or optimistic. There are occasional… Charlie Cook September 18, Hardly original: A… Charlie Cook September 15, National Politics An Early Look at the Electoral College In less than a year, both parties will have selected their presidential nominees and running mates.

With Labor Day, the final stretch of campaign will begin.

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Unfortunately most Americans will… Charlie Cook September 8, The questions were tough but fair, no one can accuse Fox of pulling their punches. Donald Trump came into the debate with a big lead in the polls so they reserved… Charlie Cook August 7, National Politics Biden vs.

National Politics The Trump Conundrum August is arriving, and we are entering week six of Donald Trump's rise—first into the double digits, now into first place—in the national polls for the Republican presidential primary race. While… Charlie Cook August 4, The job of a political analyst is to have a theory of what is happening and why, and what will happen and why. But an analyst also has the responsibility to ask: Am I right?

Primary Columns: The 2012 GOP Presidential Campaign

Are things changing? Have… Charlie Cook July 31, National Politics Trump-Free Scenarios for With Donald Trump dominating the headlines and cable-news shows, it's easy to get caught up in the machinations of the unfolding presidential campaign and lose sight of the stakes—which are even… Charlie Cook July 28, Trump's statement Saturday in Iowa that Sen.

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  7. John McCain was no war hero was all it took. This was so predictable; nobody… Charlie Cook July 24, National Politics Like Kids in an Ice-Cream Shop The situation in which Republican voters find themselves these days is looking more and more like the experience of someone visiting a Baskin-Robbins. Walking into the ice-cream shop, one is… Charlie Cook July 21, One topic that often comes up in serious conversations about presidential politics is whether questions about Hillary Clinton's trustworthiness will be her undoing.

    Not surprisingly, many of her… Charlie Cook July 17, But one thing has become increasingly clear: The Republican Party needs to change.