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New Products View All. Animal Trackers Guides 3-pack. Bear Archery Thermos. The Night Sky Seasonal Chart. Learn from the Experts We're here for you. Talk to an Expert Call Us Today at Online Resources. Archer's Den Blog. Helpful Videos. However, instead of shooting normal Arrows, Young Link's Bow shoots Fire Arrows, although they do not travel as far as Link's and inflict less damage. In Soulcalibur II , Link can take out the Fairy Bow by simultaneously pressing the horizontal attack button and the vertical attack button.

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By holding the vertical attack button, he will charge his Bow. The more time that the Bow is charged, the more powerful the attack becomes. By tilting the control stick upwards or downwards, Link can change the direction that the Arrow will take, making the Bow a high, mid, and low attack.

A hit from a Bow's Arrow, whether charged or not, will cause Link's opponent to fall to the ground. Brawl as Link's Bow. Melee , able to easily clear the wide Bridge of Eldin stage when fully charged. This is more akin to their canon appearances, as Arrows in The Legend of Zelda series always fly straight forward and never succumb to the more realistic effects of gravity as they always do in Super Smash Bros. In addition, The Wind Waker ' s version of the Hero's Bow is used by Toon Link; however, the Arrows of his Bow fly more slowly than those of any previous game, and also have a slight upward arc to their trajectory.

The Bow is used to fire Arrows that inflict minor damage, but can also be used to stun or instantly kill certain enemies. The Bow can temporarily be upgraded to fire Light Arrows by picking up its power-up in battles, increasing its damage and area of effect for its duration. Its duration can be extended by crafting Hawkeye Badges for Warriors. It is the only weapon that can kill Deku Babas , which first appear in "The Sorceress of the Woods", as they emit a poisonous aura that they hide in whenever another attack is directed towards them, thus requiring the use of the Bow.

The Bow is also used to stun Gohma when it shows its weak spot during the boss battles against it. A different kind of upgrade that fires Light Arrows is also temporarily granted by Zelda during " Liberation of the Triforce ", where its use is necessary to stun and defeat Ganon. In Adventure Mode battles where Ganon is fought, the regular Bow is capable of stunning him.


Like in Breath of the Wild , when Link fires an Arrow it stays on the ground for a period of time, which can then be picked up and thrown or used to draw two Arrows at once for double damage. Items in The Legend of Zelda Series. The Legend of Zelda. The Adventure of Link. A Link to the Past. Link's Awakening. Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask. Oracle of Seasons.

Oracle of Ages. Four Swords. The Wind Waker. Four Swords Adventures.

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The Minish Cap. Twilight Princess. Phantom Hourglass. Spirit Tracks. Skyward Sword. Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the recurring weapon. For the fashion accessory, see Ribbon. Bow Artwork Render Model Sprite. The Legend of Zelda Manual Comment. This section of the page is incomplete. You can help Zelda Wiki by expanding it. Iron Bow Description Increased power and range. Non-Canon Information.

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Super Smash Bros. See SmashWiki's article on Bow for more information.

So be alert! Where'd you get that? If you're not in any kind of hurry, why don't you stop and play with me a bit? The time that you have to hold the A Button is shorter than that for the normal high-speed arrow. This Goron treasure once belonged to a hero of legend. So THAT is why you are here! In that case, take the weapon of the Hero of the past What business does a human have coming here?!

No business!

This is a forbidden place!