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First Name:. Email address:. My craft books are here and on Amazon! Posted May 15th, by Amanda Formaro in Press. Tags: author , books , mania. Cindy deRosier says:. May 16, at am. June Stewart says:.

The Duct Tape Book: 25 Projects to Make With Duct Tape

June 10, at am. Amanda Formaro says:.

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Emma P is for Preschooler says:. July 6, at pm. July 18, at pm. Debra says:. Tiffany Crooker says:. July 29, at am. A Agency just pitched me your books the ones above. About to get your review and giveaway up! August 14, at pm. Sue McEndree says:. I have 15 grandkiddos! Iwould love to have these books to entertain them with. Anita Montgomery says:. August 15, at am. Duct Tape Beads.

The Ultimate List of Duct Tape Crafts, 75+ Amazing Ideas!

Beautiful Flower. Looking for even more DIY duct tape projects and craft ideas. Check out these books which feature tons of craft ideas. Diane is a New Jersey-based writer and blogger. She is a wife and the mom of a year old boy. Through her blog, she wants to inspire moms to find Zen in their lives while offering practical tips and other valuable information to help families deal with everyday issues.

The Wild Side of Your Wallet

Contact her at dianenassy gmail. I think Duct Tape is one of the most useful products created by humans! Seriously, they can be put to so many uses. Today, though, duct tape comes in a rainbow of vivid colors and striking designs that make it interesting to craft everything from handbags to prom gowns and to upgrade all kinds of home decor accessories.

Along with the newer Japanese paper tape washi and material tape, duct tape crafts are rolling into crafting spaces in a huge way. Introduce your girlfriends to the fun of duct tape crafting by inviting them over for a few hours to update an old vase, mirror or picture frame, or to craft something completely new, making use of the things in our slide show for inspiration.

You may also like. Diane Diane is a New Jersey-based writer and blogger. View all posts. Thank you for following me. If necessary, use scissors to snip any closed tape at the edges of the paper-money pocket. You just made a wallet completely out of duct tape or Duck tape, whichever you chose to use! Pauline shows you how to recycle some plastic eggs from Easter to make these fun duct tape roses!

Great tutorial. Do you think you could have a tutorial on the duct tape wallet with 4 areas for cards, money, and an ID card?

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  • I really loved this page. Love your tutorial Amanda! I am totally surprised how long these last. This is a basic wallet, there are many variations available. There are LOTS of things you can make. This craft was so well explained. Just completed our first with my 7yr old daughter in neon pink.

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    She had a fabulous time and i didnt get frustrated with the explanation. Look forward to other projects on your site. I put aluminium foil inbetween the tape to block RFid scanners; tested and proven to block them. Feel free to use this tip. Thanks for that tip! The key to getting them on and off is velcro. Velcro works great with duct tape. I remember another cool idea where someone mage a jacket out of aluminum can tabs. Youtube has all the good videos on how to make things.

    OMG this is an amaa zing websit and all the crafs are so deatail haw do you do it. On the step, Cut a piece of tape a little bit longer than the length of your wallet. Tear the strip in half.

    Which way do I tear, lengthwise or heightwise? I have purple duct tape that I was using for a project in my purple office. I think I will try this color and make a wallet for a friend of mine. Thanks for the tutorial!

    25 Dynamite Duct Tape Crafts Rural Mom

    Never too old for a fun project,and I love duct tape! I can fix almost any problem around my house with it..

    How to Craft a Duct Tape Book Cover

    This is so awesome can you make some more tutorals? Can you make tutorals, like duck tape bows, pencils maybe, and roses. Awsome fun. Thanks for helping me with this project. I have to do a school project. This will be on my bibliography! Very Nice Wallet, quite easy and good instructions. I love this project! Thank you! Om my gosh this is the best website for learning how to make these!

    You made it so easy and simple with all the pics and details!!! Love it!! Thank you sooo much!!! This is an amazing tutorial! Thanks for stopping by Timmy! The girl in this tutorial does the same thing, her friends buy them from her :. I made the wallet and I think that it is so cool! I am going to make one for my dad for Christmas. I have done something like this before but woth really cool colors like neon orange and cheetah and stufff it was really cool good job on the wallet Cailin!!

    I must try this! It looks like so much fun, The instructions were very helpful. I myself am a total craftier always looking for exciting things to do, and sense I'm a kid its perfect! Thank you so much for this project!